Retail Radio: ICSC Red River Recap (2024)

Retail Radio ICSC Red River 2024
Retail Radio ICSC Red River 2024

ICSC Red River Recap

Retail Radio Podcast brings you the pulse of retail real estate, uncovering the latest expansion plans, retail developments, and site selection strategies.

This episode features insights from the Retail Strategies team (Madison Neal and Megan Jimenez) attending the ICSC Red River Conference hosted in Dallas, in January 2024. They discuss firsthand experiences from industry conferences and emerging trends in the retail and real estate sectors.

Conferences as Catalysts

The ICSC Red River show served as a vibrant platform for the Retail Strategies team, Madison Neal and Megan Jimenez, to engage with the latest in retail real estate. Neal and Jimenez highlighted the show’s significance in fostering networking opportunities and staying abreast of emerging trends within the industry. With a strong turnout and high energy, especially along retail row, this event underscored its value in connecting retailers with real estate professionals, facilitating discussions specific to regional needs and preferences. Their experiences at such conferences underscore the dynamic nature of retail real estate, where industry shows like ICSC Red River (Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2024) are pivotal in understanding shifts in consumer preferences and retailer strategies​​.

The podcast delves into the burgeoning interest in entertainment concepts within the retail space, exemplified by brands like Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, which now includes entertainment aspects in their site plans. This trend towards blending dining with entertainment offers a compelling draw, especially in rural markets where such options are sparse. Beyond individual brands, there’s a broader industry shift towards entertainment as a core component of retail, with even traditional brands like Sonic exploring innovative concepts like branded pickleball courts to attract customers. This evolution reflects a deeper understanding of changing consumer desires for experiences that go beyond mere transactions, highlighting the adaptability and creativity within the retail sector​​.

Adaptations in Real Estate

The incorporation of entertainment and experiential dining is reshaping real estate strategies, from site selection to design considerations. The podcast points out how smaller, more versatile sites are becoming more appealing due to their potential to accommodate the new wave of entertainment-focused retailers, giving them a competitive edge in markets previously dominated by larger entertainment brands. This trend not only affects how real estate is approached by new entrants like flight golf but also prompts established retailers to innovate within their existing spaces, as seen with Sonic’s pickleball courts. Such adaptations highlight the evolving nature of retail real estate, where flexibility and innovation are key to capturing consumer interest and driving foot traffic​​.

The Franchisee Challenge

A notable challenge in the expansion and adaptation of retail concepts is finding qualified franchisees to operate new locations. The podcast sheds light on how Retail Strategies supports brands in navigating this challenge, underscoring the growing openness among brands to explore candidates presented by partners. This shift towards more active recruitment and support for potential franchisees is critical in enabling brands to enter new markets or expand within existing ones. By facilitating connections between brands and capable operators, Retail Strategies plays a crucial role in the broader ecosystem of retail expansion, ensuring that brands can not only identify ideal locations but also find the right people to bring those new ventures to life​​.

In this episode of Retail Radio

Madison Neal
Madison Neal

Madison Neal
Portfolio Director

Megan Jiménez
Megan Jimenez

Megan Jimenez
Retail Development Coordinator

Benefits of Attendance and Expertise:

Retail Strategies’ team attending conferences underlines our commitment to being industry experts, keeping our finger on the pulse of retail and real estate trends. This proactive approach ensures we can offer our clients and communities cutting-edge insights and strategies, helping them navigate the dynamic retail landscape effectively. By engaging directly with trends and industry leaders, we empower our stakeholders with the knowledge and connections needed to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

  • Mr. Gatti’s Pizza
  • Top Golf
  • Fly Golf
  • Homerun Dugout
  • Sonic
  • Dutch Brothers
  • Scooters Coffee
  • Eggs Up Grill
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Potbelly
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Arby’s
  • Baskin Robbins

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