Success~ 5 new retailers locating in Johnson City, TN


Retail marketing firm helped lure 5 new retailers to Johnson City

Zach Vance, published by Johnson City Press, May 1, 2017 [link]

On Monday, Retail Strategies representatives showed commissioners how much progress they’d made in the last year.

Speaking via conference call, portfolio directors Tiffany Kilpatrick and Wesley Vaughn told the commission that seven retailers were currently eyeing the area and working on potential sites.

Kilpatrick and Vaughn did show a chart listing five retailers they’ve already had a hand in persuading to move to the region. Those five retailers had a combined $34.7 million in average U.S. sales revenue, according to Retail Strategies’ webinar.

“Unlike most malls across the country, this mall is surviving,” Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick specifically addressed the Mall at Johnson City and said its sales were holding up much better than shopping centers in other locations across the nation.


Retail Strategies is a PROUD PARTNER with Johnson City. Tiffany and Wesley’s efforts over the last year to introduce specific sites to specific retailers from the Retail Prospect List is generating growth in tax revenue dollars and quality of life for the community.


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