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alex edwards
Portfolio Director
Birmingham, AL
Portfolio Director

Alex Edwards

Alex is a portfolio director at Retail Strategies, liaising with community leaders in client cities throughout the South. She works in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. In this role, Alex serves as the main point of contact between the Retail Strategies team and its clients and makes outreach to real estate professionals on behalf of the community.

Before her role at Retail Strategies, Alex was the director of solutions operations for Landing, where she founded a new department and established KPIs to measure the impact of its performance on the business as a whole.

Alex is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where she holds a bachelor of arts in communications and information sciences, with a double major in journalism and political science.

Alex loves spending time with her daughter, Elliott, outside of work and watching anything on Bravo. She loves to try new workout classes or get creative and pick up a paintbrush.