Webinar: Lacy Beasley discusses Retail as Economic Development

February 28th from 8:00am-11:00am
1830 28th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35209


The summit will be exclusively for mayors and city council members located within Jefferson County, and only 60 slots will be available.

Retail as an Essential Economic Development Strategy

This session will be for those seeking to understand and grow their community’s retail and restaurant businesses. Discover how retail today is a catalyst for economic development fostering a critical base to a vibrant community and strong workforce. Learn the consumer shopping trends that drive profits impacting real estate decision for opening and closing locations. Find practical tips on best practices in developing your community’s retail recruitment program.

Featured Speakers and Topics Covered:

How the State Department of Commerce Can Help You With Economic Development
Greg Canfield, Secretary of Commerce, State of Alabama

Incentives to Attract Economic Development
Rick Davis, Senior Vice President of Economic Development, Birmingham Business Alliance

Retail as an Essential Economic Development Strategy
Lacy Beasley, President and COO, Retail Strategies

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