Retail Recruitment courses for city leaders looking to maximize retail opportunities.

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We help communities learn to attract retail, teaching how data provides options, and how real estate drives decisions.

In our classroom or at your office, you’ll receive a tailored course complete with custom data and reports, training on how to “speak retail”, and targeted retailers that match the real estate in your community.

Retail Academy Events

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Retail Academy events are an educational course that assists communities in bringing retail to their area. Participants gain insights into best practices, learn to implement strategies, and receive guidance and tools for successful retail development.


The retail real estate industry is built on networking. Attend Retail Academy in one of our offices or we can visit yours. We also offer regional events through USDA funding.


Education isn’t limited to the time spent in person. Investing in Retail Academy gives your city’s leadership access to 16+ hours of online training modules.

Online Courses

Data and analytics are the first step in understanding your community and what retail is the right fit. Through Retail Academy you’ll be armed with the data retailers need to see.

Eight hours of in-person training filled with retail trends, custom data, real estate training and more.


Getting beyond the data, with Retail Academy you’ll receive a full real estate analysis of retail sites in your community.

Retail Academy doesn’t end with just the deliverables and training course – You’ll have ongoing meetings with our team and a library of resources at your disposal.

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communities to ask for what they deserve.


communities on what similar towns have received.


communities to approach retail partners in a smart way.


communities to meet their true potential.

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