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What we do for you

Our Role

Scott VonCannon, COO,  discusses the role of a retail recruiter in growing a community.

The Deal Making Timeline

Robert Jolly, CEO, discusses how retail deals get done, and the extended timeline necessary even in a sophisticated transaction.

Do you need to know how government funds support local business? Or perhaps you need advice on how downtown can be revitalized?

We have Conversations with retail and real estate professionals.

2024 real estate outlook-retail strategies webinar Garrick brown 2024
retail insider podcast with retail strategies and zynergy, jenn gregory and linda farha


What do you do when you have a change in leadership? What about when a broker or developer asks about incentives?

We have recorded a few videos to help.



For Brokers & Developers

How we work for the city, and with you, to make win-win deals a reality.