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Local businesses are the heart of your community.

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Small Business Support

In a 2020 Main Street America survey, over 60% of US small businesses reported having no online presence prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many small businesses said they needed immediate guidance on modifying their business model and technical training for social media & e‐commerce. 

The year-long Small Business Support program is the ideal way for communities to invest in their local business owners.

The program

Support for Local Business Owners

Through a listening campaign, Retail Strategies developed our Small Business Support technical assistance partnership.

The program provides on-demand training through a learning management software, worksheets, workbooks and templates for busy entrepreneurs in a “go at your own pace” format.

Unlimited local businesses will have access to this training for a twelve-month period.


Templates, worksheets, and workbooks to assist business owners

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Virtual Training

On-demand training for busy entrepreneurs

Support Staff

Dedicated support to offer best practices and advice

Client Testimonials

What people say


99.9% of Businesses are Small Businesses

This number not only reflects the dominance of small enterprises in the business sector but also shows their significant role in generating employment and contributing to economic stability in our communities.


COVID-19 has changed the retail and business world in the United States and globally, and small businesses have been disproportionately negatively affected. As of March 31, 2021, 39% of America’s small businesses were closed compared to January 2020.

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