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Retail recruitment can be complicated.

We have unique services, a library of resources, and teams that are scalable to your needs.


Full Service Recruitment

Retail Strategies Recruitment is our premiere service, including all aspects of retail real estate analysis and data backed with real estate professionals connecting and advancing your community.

Retail Education and Resources

Retail Academy is our award winning educational program. We provide data and reports to aid you in developing customized pitches that target realistic retail business recruitment.

Community Revitalization

Rejuvenating downtown communities is a complex task and we are committed to helping you achieve it.
Retail Strategies is the most trusted partner​


5 Steps to Recruit Retail

Download our five-step guide for best practices when recruiting retail in your community. Retail recruitment pays a return in tax revenues, added jobs and an improved quality of life for your citizens.

The Starter Kit includes:

  • Retail GAP Analysis
  • Downtown Walkability Assessment
  • Real Estate Inventory Guide


Communities have unique needs: some need an extended staff to recruit, some need the resources and path, while others need a targeted plan. Our services developed from community needs.


Full service recruitment, retention, data, support, and conference representation.


Providing you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to target your retail recruitment efforts efficiently.


Practical steps to revitalize community centers and implement best-practice place-making drawn from other succesful communities.


One on one: Teaching communities how to identify retail sites and customize outreach to national retailers.

Small Business Support

Working with local businesses on best practices and guiding them into success.

City Websites

To aid in marketing your city to retailers and businesses we launch specialized retail marketing websites with the information retailers, brokers and developers most often request.

Feasibility Study

We offer several types of feasibility studies, including Grocery and Hotel, as well as offering Tax Incentive Financing and Opportunity Zone consultation.

Research & Data

Research Reports and Data are now available as a subscription service. Providing in-depth site specific demographics Subscribers can deliver pin-point, custom data to prospects.

Event Speaking

Our President, Lacy Beasley, has spoken at over 120 events including several ICSC RECon sessions.
From small groups to lecture halls with over 500 attendees her dynamic speaking style makes retail and economic development relevant to community concerns.


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