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How We Help City Leaders

Our team of experts are scalable to your needs.

Retail Recruitment

Retail Recruitment includes a retail real estate analysis, a strategy based on customer data and executed with real estate professionals proactively working to advance your community.

Retail panel at Retail Academy

Retail Education and Resources​

Retail Academy is our award winning educational program. We provide data and marketing materials, and teach you to "speak retail", educating your team to get started in retail business recruitment.

Downtown Revitalization

Rejuvenating downtown communities is a complex task. Luckily our team is comprised of former downtown practitioners and guide you through the step-by-step process of bringing vibrancy to the community's core.

What our Partners Say


Communities have unique needs when it comes to community and economic development. Our services have been developed by listening to city partners. 

Retail Attraction

Retail recruitment, marketing guides, and representation at retail real estate conferences.


Providing you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to target your retail recruitment efforts efficiently.


A practical plan to revitalize community centers and create a sense of place.

Hotel Feasibility Study

A new hotel in your community can have a very large direct and indirect impact. This report is the first step a community should take to understand hotel development.

Retail Data Toolkit

In-depth research reports and comprehensive consumer data to provide a detailed overview of your community and its consumers. This toolkit is designed to offer valuable insights into consumer behavior and market trends, enabling informed decision-making for community and retail development.

Small Business Support

Providing training and technical assistance to small business owners ensures local entrepreneurs feel supported by the city.


5 Steps to Recruit Retail

Download our five-step guide for best practices when recruiting retail in your community. Retail recruitment pays a return in tax revenues, added jobs and an improved quality of life for your citizens.

What Solution Fits Your City’s Needs?

Reach out to our team of Community Partnership experts to discuss opportunities in your market.

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