We are committed to helping you

Revitalizing a community's downtown is complex.

What we do

We create a tailored strategy.

Enhance and revitalize your downtown through a five-year strategic plan.

We create a strategic plan so that your team can begin implementation immediately.

If you have limited resources, our team can assist with execution.

What we deliver, you can execute.

Enhance your Efforts

Downtown Strategies is fully equipped with the needed professionals, tools, and experience.

Step-by-step Recommendations

We bring years of experience and diverse perspective to give you implementable solutions and a roadmap to transform your Downtown.

Community Participation

Collaboration is key. Our partnership begins with a stakeholder input session to create buy-in and excitement.


We are certified technical assistance providers for the USDA‘s “Placemaking Toolkit” 

Downtown Strategies is proud to be a member of Main Street America and the International Downtown Association. 

Customized for your needs

Working With Us

We understand every community has unique opportunities and challenges.
We offer customized solutions for your Downtown.

Strategic Visioning Workshop & Strategic Plan

We deliver a five-year Strategic Plan so that your team can begin implementation right away. We start with a Strategic Visioning Workshop to create your custom plan.

If your team has limited resources, we can also help put the plan into action.

chess strategy plan

Strategic Plan Implementation & Support

We write the Strategic Plan to be implementable by your team, but we understand that human resources can be limited. Our team is available to execute the plan on your behalf. No one needs another study that sits on the shelf.

Implementation also includes a market driven Real Estate Analysis that identifies 90-day and catalyst opportunities in your Downtown.

Small Business Support

Move beyond grants, loans, and other financial assistance by offering training and technical assistance to local business owners. Our webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions help get businesses online and help modernize the business approach. Give local business owners the tools they need to not only survive, but thrive.

Walkability Assessment

How walkable is your Downtown?

Request a complimentary Walkability Assessment and we’ll talk about opportunities to enhance your downtown.