Downtown Placemaking

Revitalizing your downtown doesn't have to be complex.

Downtown Approach

Action Planning

Designed to help you identify where your community should focus in the near-term to incrementally shift the trajectory of your downtown and create the spark that you desire.

Action and implementation are more important than a flashy 20-year vision. ​

Support for Immediate and Lasting Impact

Bite-Sized Plan

You receive a downtown plan that spans a five-year timeframe. Focus on what you should do, not on everything you could do. You get practical, small-scale strategies rather than big dreams and visions.

Focus On What To Do Next

Focused on four key areas - Design, Policy, Tourism, Economic Vitality - the downtown plan will hone in on 20-30 strategies to take action on.

Implementation Support

Not only do we develop strategies for you, but we also help you get a jumpstart on taking action and implementing the plan.

Recognized as the Industry Leader

Trusted not only by cities in 25 states, but recognized nationally as an industry leader in community development and placemaking.

Success Stories

Proven Results in Client Communities

Visible Results in Portales, New Mexico‘s downtown. 

“Being able to learn from a team of downtown experts has been incredibly helpful in my role. Having an outside entity outline the guidelines of the façade grant and explain a vacancy tax policy was really helpful. That isn’t something anyone on our team has expertise in.”
Find your next step

How walkable is your Downtown?

Creating a walkable downtown has many benefits. Request this report to learn from our team about the opportunities in your downtown.