Retail Recruitment

Move beyond data.

Use our connections and real estate expertise.

Gain access to retail, restaurant, and commercial real estate contacts across the country. Retail recruitment is economic development for your community.

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Data & Analytics

Data is the foundation to understanding who the consumers in a community truly are. We invest in multiple datasets - the same data that leading retail brands utilize - to build a story about your community. From there we analyze the retail that currently exists in the market and identify opportunities for new businesses.

Real Estate Analysis

By putting boots on the ground and our real estate professionals in your community we are able to identify the key real estate assets within the community. All of the sites are logged and recorded on a GIS platform so they can be fully utilized by your recruitment team.

What you receive

Following the data and market analyses, you will receive a custom marketing guide to use when talking to expanding retailers and property owners. The marketing guide includes an aerial map of retail corridors, key demographics, and contact information.

Next, you will receive a comprehensive Retail Recruitment Plan that includes your community’s unique data points, strategic and underutilized real estate assets, retailers who fit your market, and many more topics to give you community and it’s leaders the greatest insight into the market.


Networking for You

Following the presentation of the Retail Recruitment Plan, we begin the heavy lifting of retail recruitment. Using the data, available real estate in your community, and retail prospect list, our team will put its national connections to work on your behalf. We know who to contact, their expansion plans, and their site criteria.

Who We Connect With

Retail recruitment is a complex process and involves multiple parties from developers to brokers and retailers. To ensure we position your community in front of the right players, we reach out to:

Brokers, Developers, Real Estate Managers, Investors, Directors of Real Estate, Franchisees, Local business owners

National Representation

ICSC and RetailLive! host multiple deal-making events across the country.  Each year there are more than twenty conferences for real estate professionals to connect and discuss real estate deals. We attend each conference on your behalf to communicate, one on one, the opportunities in your market with the business we are targeting on your behalf. We provide an updated report to you after each event.


Patience & Persistence

Retail recruitment and retail economic development is a process and does not take place in a single event. Retail Strategies has been the catalyst for retail real estate transactions in our Client communities all across the country.

Retailers have limited capital budgets for expansion and real estate transactions involve multiple parties that will be influenced by a myriad of variables, which may speed up or slow down the timeline for retailers’ commitment to new locations.

By aligning your community with Retail Strategies you will have real estate professionals who have years of real estate transaction experience working on your behalf.

free how to guide

5 Steps to Get Started in Retail Recruitment

As the retail environment continues to evolve, it can be hard for local government leaders to understand where to get started when it comes to retail economic development and attracting new business. The benefits of new businesses are paramount, from increasing tax revenues to new job creation, to simply enhancing the quality of life for the residents in your community.

Download our five-step guide for best practices when recruiting retail in your community.

Community Growth

Professional Assistance expands your reach, and creates results that fuel your community.