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Columbus, Nebraska Chamber to work with national recruitment firm

The Columbus Telegram, November 17, 2021

A national company that has a track record in helping communities’ downtown and retail areas will assist Columbus in these endeavors.

Retail Strategies – a community development and retail recruitment organization based in Birmingham, Alabama – met with Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce staff last week on how to attract more businesses to the area.

Chamber President Dawson Brunswick said he has previously worked with Retail Strategies in McCook. He said when he started in his new position earlier this year, the chamber was evaluating several businesses and consultants like Retail Strategies.

Brunswick said he enjoyed working with Retail Strategies and recommended the company to the Columbus Chamber Board of Directors – who approved the decision.

“They liked what they heard from Retail Strategies and they were willing for the chamber to work with the city and Loup Power District,” Brunswick said.

Additionally, Downtown Strategies – a division under Retail Strategies – will also provide ideas on how to promote and grow downtown Columbus.

Mayor Jim Bulkley said he’s looking forward to seeing how the plan unfolds.

“This is really exciting that we are spending some money on the possibility of trying to draw in retail development with a company that has a track record of doing this in other communities,” Bulkley said. “We are constantly being challenged with why don’t we have this and why don’t we have that and what could we do to get this and what could we do to get that. Well, this is a great starting point. So we took a chance on what we could do, roll the dice and see if we could get some favorable returns.”

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