Do you need a

Dynamic Speaker?

We have several experts who can share how retail drives tax revenue and enhances quality of life, while providing insider tips on how and why retailers choose locations.

Lacy Beasley

President of Retail Strategies, Lacy Beasley has spoken at over 120 events with audiences ranging from a few dozen to lectures halls with over 500 attendees. Her dynamic speaking style brings retail to life, addressing community concerns and big picture trends in the industry.

Jenn Gregory

Jenn is the President of our highly successful Downtown Strategies program focused on revitalizing vital areas of communities. She joined Retail Strategies with a 10 year career in community development and downtown revitalization, and has spoken at dozens of events in person and as a webinar guest.

We offer custom courses for community leaders.

Want to learn more?

The sessions provide demographic data and the interpretation of how that data can be used to attract and maintain business in your community.