ruthie jolly
Marketing Associate
(205) 603-3962
Birmingham, AL
Marketing Associate

Ruthie Jolly

Ruthie Jolly, the newest addition to the team, will be serving as Marketing Assistant, where she is pivotal in supporting the Retail Strategies and Specialists teams. Working closely with the real estate and marketing teams, Ruthie brings her creative eye and attention to detail to contribute to various projects.

Ruthie recently graduated from the University of Alabama in May 2023, earning a degree in interior design. Her educational background, combined with her practical experience, equips her with a strong foundation in the principles of innovation and an eye for detail. With prior internships at Caldwell Flake Interiors and Bohlert Massey Interiors, Ruthie has honed her skills and gained valuable insight into the industry.

Ruthie enjoys spending quality time with friends and family outside work. She has a deep appreciation for travel and exploring new destinations, and one of her favorite things is to relax at the lake. Ruthie’s passion, and friendly demeanor make her a valuable asset to the team.