2024 Retail Expansion Outlook: Market Trends and Growth Opportunities

2024 real estate outlook-retail strategies webinar Garrick brown 2024
2024 retail strategies webinar Garrick Brown


2024 Retail Expansion Outlook

Don’t miss this 30-minute webinar, “2024 Retail Expansion Outlook: Market Trends and Growth Opportunities,” to hear about retail real estate expectations for the new year. In a conversation with Garrick Brown, VP of Real Estate Intelligence at Gallelli Real Estate, our Director of Real Estate, Elliott Cook, explores:

Topics covered

  1. Retail Landscape Overview
  2. Consumer Confidence and Retail Growth
  3. Retail Sector Dynamics
  4. Automotive and Experiential Retail
  5. Food and Beverage Trends
  6. Grocery and Convenience Store Expansion

Garrick Brown

Garrick Brown

Garrick is a leading retail real estate analyst in the United States speaking frequently at industry events and is regularly quoted on retail matters by the Wall Street Journal, the CBS Evening News, NBC News, CNBC, National Public Radio, and other industry publications. With more than 21,000 followers on Linkedin, don’t miss this opportunity to hear a conversation with a major business influencer.

elliott cook

Elliott Cook

Elliott is the Director of Real Estate for Retail Strategies where he works with community clients on strategies for backfilling vacancies in their downtown. He is a board member of Urban Land Institute Alabama and has been a feature speaker at numerous municipal conferences throughout the U.S.

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