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March 9, 2022

Downtown Real Estate: How to Activate Retail Vacancies

WEBINAR on MARCH 9, 2021

Downtown Real Estate:

How to Activate Retail Vacancies

Retail and restaurant options play a big part of a vibrant downtown, but it can challenging to know what the biggest real estate opportunities are for city leaders. Whether you have a completely vacant Main Street, have recently had positive momentum downtown, or are fearful that long-time businesses may shutter in the coming months, our approach is to provide guidance to create and implement a sensible retail plan for your downtown.

In this webinar, our director of real estate, Elliott Cook, provides answers to some frequently asked questions he hears from community leaders that are focused on maximizing real estate assets in their downtown.


Jenn Gregory

Jenn is the president of Downtown Strategies where she advises communities on how to revitalize their community’s core and implement sound public policy to support growth and development. Formerly a senior staffer of a federal legislative-branch agency, and with experience chairing a political action committee and managing issue-advocacy campaigns, Jenn focuses on federal policy and how it effects client communities for Retail Strategies.


Elliott Cook

Elliott is part of the Downtown Strategies team where he conducts Downtown Visioning Workshops and executes the Downtown Strategic Plan with a focus on local real estate assets.

Additionally, Elliott specializes in retail recruitment and focuses on the identification of companies to fill the product and service gaps a city’s trade area. Elliott teaches real estate as part of the Retail Academy program.

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