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2024 Podcast

Main Street Now Conference Recap 2024

Boots on the Ground, main street now, 2024 recap

Main Street Now

Conference Recap

Held in Birmingham, AL
May 6-8, 2024

The podcast brings you the pulse of retail real estate, uncovering the latest expansion plans, retail developments, and site selection strategies.

We recap the ‘Main Street Now‘ conference with Jenn Gregory, President of Downtown Strategies, and Jeremy Murdock, Community Development Specialist. This episode offers a deep dive into the latest trends and successful strategies in downtown revitalization and economic development discussed at the annual conference in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our experts share insights, real-world examples, and actionable advice for anyone interested in boosting business growth and community engagement in their local downtown areas. Whether you’re a city official, a business owner, or a community enthusiast, this episode will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to transform your main street into a bustling hub of activity and prosperity. Tune in to learn how incremental changes can lead to monumental successes in urban development.

Vibrancy and Incremental Changes in Downtown Revitalization

Exploring how small, incremental changes can lead to vibrant and thriving downtown areas, this section delves into the core strategies discussed at the ‘Main Street Now‘ conference. Experts showcased methods to enhance streetscapes through public art, landscaping, and building renovations, emphasizing that even modest adjustments can significantly impact community vitality.

During the conference, attendees gained insights into the latest trends and persistent challenges in downtown revitalization. This segment highlights the experiences and strategies shared by speakers, focusing on how to navigate the complexities of urban renewal and the importance of community engagement in sustaining long-term success.

Case Studies in Effective Downtown Renewal

Speaker insights and real-world case studies underscored the value of a practical, step-by-step approach to revitalization. This section reviews various successful projects from different-sized communities, demonstrating how tailored, incremental changes can effectively transform problem properties and rejuvenate neighborhoods.

Action Over Planning: Driving Revitalization Through Local Initiatives

Downtown Strategies advocates for moving beyond extensive planning to take decisive action. Here, we discuss the formation and impact of local action teams, which empower community members to initiate small-scale projects that collectively foster significant urban improvements and build a foundation for further development initiatives.

Innovative Funding and Community Engagement for Revitalization

This part addresses creative approaches to funding and engaging communities in downtown revitalization efforts. From the use of temporary retail spaces to attract business to blighted areas, to comprehensive strategies like those implemented by Invest Appalachia, which stitches together diverse funding sources to support comprehensive redevelopment projects.

Jenn Gregory

Jenn Gregory

Downtown Strategies

Jeremy Murdock

Jeremy Murdock

Communication Dev. Specialist
Downtown Strategies

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