March 28, 2022

Podcast: Talking Downtown Strategies


Talking Downtown Strategies

In this episode, Dane talks downtowns with Jenn Gregory and Elliott Cook, both on the Downtown Strategies team at Retail Strategies.

Every community in America, of any size or population, can revitalize or create a downtown. According to the Jenn and Elliott, placemaking comes in all shapes and sizes. They encourage you to start small and build on that success!

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Released on March 28, 2022
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Learn how your community’s downtown can fuel growth and economic development.


Jenn Gregory

Jenn is the president of Downtown Strategies, where her focus is on the revitalization of downtowns for our client communities. Through her Downtown Vision and Strategy Workshop process, Jenn advises communities on market analysis, tourism, economic vitality, and design updates for downtown areas.

Real Estate Director

Elliott Cook

Elliott is part of the Downtown Strategies team where he conducts Downtown Visioning Workshops and executes the Downtown Strategic Plan with a focus on local real estate assets.

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