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Event took place Jan 11, 2023

Emerging Downtown Trends: Real Estate, Retail, and More

downtown real estate webinar

Event took place January 11, 2023

2023 Outlook

Get a jump on 2023 by joining this webinar on emerging trends in downtowns and city centers. Our panel will highlight their expectations for the year with downtown real estate, retail, restaurants, and small businesses.

This webinar is geared toward city managers, community development staff, economic development professionals, chambers of commerce, and elected officials.

Key Takeaways

  • What are emerging downtown trends in real estate retail? (1:58)
  • The omni-channel approach is the approach that has been the most successful. (6:34)
  • How is real estate and real estate constraints going to slow down in 2019? (13:21)
  • What is the role of retail in the real estate world? (19:03)
  • How can you go into a business and not feel like you are leaving your community? (25:11)
  • The next thing we need to talk about is your zoning and codes. (27:48)
  • Empowering the creative class in your town. (33:09)
  • What types of businesses will be hot for downtown’s in 2023? (39:40)
  • How can we push our city’s code enforcement department to work with property owners to make the necessary repairs? (44:11)
  • What’s the difference between chain restaurants vs. small town specialty retail? (49:41)


Elliott Cook

Director of Real Estate

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