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From Vacant Spaces to Vibrant Places: How to Backfill Vacancies in Your Downtown


From Vacant Spaces to Vibrant Places:

How to Backfill Vacancies in Your Downtown

Do you have a large number of vacancies in your downtown and aren’t sure about the best approach to backfilling those vacant buildings?

In this webinar we’ll discuss how focusing on creating practical retail spaces will create synergy downtown and make larger vacancies more feasible for potential investment. Hear about effective strategies for rejuvenating rural downtown areas, including methods to create catalyst projects based on existing physical assets.

The webinar will feature real-world case studies from Albemarle, North Carolina, and from rural communities covered by One East Kentucky. Whether you have a completely vacant Main Street, have recently had positive momentum downtown, or are fearful that long-time businesses may shutter in the coming months, we’ll provide advice to create and implement a sensible plan for your downtown.

Colby Kirk

Colby Kirk serves as President & CEO of One East Kentucky, leading industrial recruitment and economic development marketing activities for the nine-county region. Colby previously led the startup of a non-profit community and economic development organization named One Harlan County in Harlan, Kentucky.

Colby is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Finance and is also a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute. He is committed to playing a role in diversifying the economy of central Appalachia.

elliott cook

Elliott Cook

Elliott is the Director of Real Estate for Retail Strategies where he works with community clients on strategies for backfilling vacancies in their downtown. He is a board member of Urban Land Institute Alabama and has been a feature speaker at numerous municipal conferences throughout the U.S.

Joy Almond

Joy Almond is the Main Street Manager of Albemarle, North Carolina, where she helps business and property owners in downtown Albemarle, and the local community. She works alongside administration to make downtown Albemarle, NC a great place to visit, shop, and live.

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