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Is Attending the Nation’s Largest Retail Conference the Right Move for Your Community?


Is Attending the Nation’s Largest Retail Conference

The Right Move for Your City?

Designed for public sector leaders who are contemplating the benefits of attending the nation’s largest retail real estate conference, ICSC Las Vegas, this session will explore the cost-benefit analysis for municipal leaders to invest the time and resources into attending the world’s largest retail real estate conference. 

The panel includes both urban and rural perspectives with guests Davon Barbour, President and CEO of the Downtown Development District of New Orleans and Jim Zaleski, Director of Economic Development for Parsons, Kansas. They discuss their experiences attending, messaging at home about attending a retail conference in Las Vegas, and how to maximize the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with retailers, brokers, and developers.

Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, this webinar provides valuable insights and tips to enhance your community’s retail landscape.

Lacy Beasley Headshot

Lacy Beasley


Retail Strategies

davon harbour

Davon Barbour

President and CEO
Downtown Development District

New Orleans, LA

Jim Zaleski

Director of Economic Development

Parsons, KS

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