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Lake Stevens, Washington Uses American Rescue Plan Act Funding to Support Retail Recruitment


CONTACT: Caroline Hannum
Retail Strategies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (February 2, 2022) – Lake Stevens, Washington, has selected Retail Strategies as its retail development partner. The partnership will include trade area and demographic data, a real estate analysis, identification of retail and restaurants for the market, and proactive outreach to the real estate community on behalf of the city.

Lake Stevens will be utilizing American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for this partnership. Through ARPA, the United States Treasury Department is providing federal dollars to local governments to invest back into the local economy to fuel long-term growth following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been a goal of mine to continue to seek creative solutions that will be a true investment in Lake Stevens and the residents of our community,” said Mayor Brett Gailey of Lake Stevens. “After attending an educational session by Retail Strategies at ICMA last year, it was clear that their city partners benefit from a team that has strong retail relationships. They will truly get to know the real estate in our market in order to tell our story to their retail connections.”

“Lake Stevens is a beautiful market with a great retail base already in place. Once we met with the city and toured the market it was clear that we will be directing our conversations to bringing in new businesses around incoming projects,” said Matthew Tate, director of business development for the west coast. “The early interactions we have had with the Lake Stevens team shows that they are sharp and understand the value of their market and our job is to make sure that story is told for future investments.”

Through the new partnership, Retail Strategies will perform a real estate market analysis of the businesses located in Lake Stevens and identify areas of opportunity with expanding businesses, such as the new Costco build. The Retail Strategies team will work together with city leaders to help them understand their market and highlight opportunities for expansion.  Retail Strategies will create a customized market strategy and represent Lake Stevens to targeted retailers for recruitment to the city.

About Lake Stevens, Washington

Lake Stevens, Washington is located in Snohomish County, Washington with a population of around 40,428 people. The city is known as “One Community Around the Lake” due to its location around Lake Stevens, the largest natural lake in the county. The community is supported by surrounding mid-sized businesses along with a supportive small business community. The city offers many recreational opportunities including boating, fishing, and wakeboarding at Lake Stevens.

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