Feb 21, 2022

Podcast: Crafting Your City’s Elevator Pitch

elevator pitch econ dev show podcast matthew tate


Crafting Your City’s Elevator Pitch

In this episode, Matthew Tate explains to host Dane Carlson how to craft your community’s elevator pitch. Matthew Tate has spent the past 10 years at Retail Strategies working directly with cities in order to help them perfect their elevator speeches. Through data and analytics, he helps cities understand their unique story in order to make a more impactful pitch to potential businesses that may locate in their market.

elevator pitch econ dev show podcast matthew tate
Released on February 21, 2022
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Learn how to craft your community elevator pitch to retailers for economic development growth and city support through sales tax.

matthew tate

Director of Business Development, West Coast, RETAIL STRATEGIES

Matthew Tate

Matthew Tate is the director of business development focused on the West Coast at Retail Strategies. Matthew has spent the past 10 years working directly with municipalities to help educate them on their retail potential.

In addition to his work with municipalities, Matthew’s professional experience includes work as a strategic advisor to over 200 national retail brands and emerging retail concepts helping them leverage data and analytics to find new markets for growth across the country. Matthew’s clients included C-Suite leaders across different retail industries including restaurant, service, healthcare and hospitality in order to help build and execute a successful retail expansion strategy.

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