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Retail Strategies Set to Lead Proactive Retail Recruitment Efforts in Bartow, Florida


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BIRMINGHAM, AL (April 28, 2023) – The city of Bartow, Florida has hired Retail Strategies to attract new retailers and create a more diverse economy, aiding with the city’s economic development efforts. The plan will include identifying potential retailers and connecting them with local brokers and developers. This partnership aims to revitalize the area, create jobs, and boost the economy.

According to Bartow’s city manager, Mike Herr, partnering with Retail Strategies marks a pivotal moment for the community’s growth and economic development. “With Retail Strategies’ team of real estate experts and their nationwide connections, the city will benefit from their wealth of experience and knowledge in creating strategic plans to attract diverse retail options. By working hand in hand with the city officials, Retail Strategies will pave the way towards a brighter future for Bartow. The partnership is expected to bring in new businesses and create job opportunities for residents, leading to increased economic growth and stability for the community as a whole.”

“With Retail Strategies’ team of real estate experts and their nationwide connections, the city will benefit from their wealth of experience and knowledge in creating strategic plans to attract diverse retail options.”

Mike Herr, City Manager, Bartow, Florida

“We’ll leverage the positive momentum generated by Chick-fil-a and Starbucks’ entry to Bartow to attract more retail and restaurant brands,” said Sarah Beth Thornton, VP of Business Development. “Our Recruitment Services team is thrilled about the potential market expansion in Bartow.”

“We recognize that in order to continue growing our economy, we must actively seek out and attract new retail and restaurant businesses to our community. Hiring Retail Strategies to lead this effort and leverage their real estate network and experience in Florida is a crucial step in creating a focused approach to economic development in Bartow,” said Denise Bohde, president of the Bartow Economic Development Council.

The city of Bartow is set to receive a comprehensive marketing guide and a customized retail recruitment plan, thanks to its partnership with Retail Strategies. These resources will showcase the city’s commercial opportunities and demographics to attract the perfect retail and restaurant brands that will elevate the community’s vibrancy. To further put Bartow on the map, Retail Strategies will represent real estate opportunities at several retail trade conferences throughout the year.

About Bartow, Florida

Bartow is a city in Polk County. As of the 2019 census, the city had a population of 20,147. Bartow is a land of lakes and citrus groves, has many friendly, family-owned antique shops, a bed and breakfast, the historic Polk Theatre, the Polk County Museum of Art and Genealogical Library. Bartow is also the home of the annual Bloomin’ Arts Festival.

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