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Onboarding Questionnaire


Which survey is for you?

People who work for the city, are on the city council, or are community leaders fill out the Community Survey.

Usually, only one person from each community fills out the Point of Contact Survey

Getting to know your community

If you prefer a PDF form over the online survey, download it here. 

Getting to Know Your Community

Onboarding Survey for Retail Strategies Clients
Are you a leader in any statewide or national organizations?

Trade Area

The area where your community draws in buyers.
The area where your community draws in buyers.


What retailers and/or categories of retail are most often requested by citizens within your city?
Retail 1
Retail 2
Retail 3
Has your city had recent conversations with any retailers that may be interested in locating within the trade area?
Have any major retailers left the your city retail market in the past 36 months?
… and why?
Also, please provide a brief explanation describing what makes the business(s) unique.
What is your vision relative to retail growth, recruitment and development as it relates to specific retailers, areas of town, and styles of construction?

Development & Incentives

If so, please provide general information relative to location, size, incentives, etc.
If so, please provide as much detail as possible.

Day 30-60: Community

Property / Development Contact Information

Please provide contact information of key members of the community that own commercial properties or those individuals typically involved in development and financing activities within your community.
Contact Information
click the “+” button on the right to add more people
Please provide information on any previously planned retail developments that were tabled or cancelled due to the economic environment between 2007 and 2012?

Property Database / Accounting

If yes, please email the database or provide information on how we can access the database online.
Community Accounting Contact
Whom do we contact to discuss financial matters? If you do not know, please leave this area blank.

Thank you!

Getting to know our Point of Contact

If you prefer a PDF form over the online survey, download it here. 

Point of Contact ONLY. (Only one person from each community will fill this form out.) 

Getting to Know Your Community

Onboarding Survey for Retail Strategies Clients

Key Working Group

Key Working Group
Please list members you wish to designate as the Key Working Group. Members of this group will receive regular public updates from our firm. (To add members, click the “+” button on the right.)


When are your board/staff meetings?
Progress Reporting
How do you plan to report our progress – written or verbal?

Communication Style
How do you like to be communicated with?

… and what do you recommend?
Who are the primary media outlets in the city?
Who are the reporters covering local government?


Sales Tax Rates

What is the sales and use tax rate collected by the city, county and state?

Personal Information

About You
Preferred form of address
Have you held similar positions in other communities?
Highschool, College, or University
Favorite Things
feel free to add more responses by clicking the “+” on the right
Sports Team

Thank you!

What to Expect

Thank you for your responses!

We will be sending you a document within the next 30 days outlining expectations and timelines.

Based on your feedback we will discuss with you when we can visit the city council.

We look forward to working with you.


We will work through our primary point of contact as much as possible.

If communication flow is impeded we reserve the right to open lines of communication with other Key Working Group members.

Ryder Richards
Ryder Richards

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