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Cuming County Economic Development to Focus on Retail Recruitment with Retail Strategies


CONTACT: Caroline Hannum
Retail Strategies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 15, 2020) – Retail Strategies has partnered with Cuming County Economic Development (CCED) to add resources to the county’s economic development team, allowing the County to continue to advocate on behalf of local businesses and citizens. Retail Strategies will support CCED by furthering its mission of retaining and growing the businesses within Cuming County. CCED and Retail Strategies will support the following Nebraska communities: the Village of Bancroft, the Village of Beemer, the City of West Point, and the City of Wisner.

“Cuming County Economic Development is ready to further progress in our County through this partnership,” said David Branch, Cuming County Economic Development Executive Director. “We believe in investing in our communities to provide opportunities for recruitment to our County. Retail Strategies provides the necessary tools to continue growth in Cuming County by offering their personal connections and research. We are hopeful that through this collaboration we will not only attract new businesses, but we will also grow the number of consumers of current businesses.”

“We believe in investing in our communities to provide opportunities for recruitment to our County. Retail Strategies provides the necessary tools to continue growth in Cuming County by offering their personal connections and research.”

David Branch, Cuming County Economic Development Executive Director

In meeting with the citizens of Cuming County, Christopher Bontrager, Portfolio Director for Retail Strategies explained, “Cuming County has the potential to be a destination for various new businesses. There is a positive correlation between bringing in new businesses and a rise in consumer traffic through existing operations. Our team at Retail Strategies has heard the voices of its citizens and will do our best to not only expand businesses in the communities but also help to provide current businesses in the area information to succeed.”

“Our team is excited to be adding Cuming County, Nebraska to our Retail Strategies family and we believe we have a great story to tell to our retail partners on behalf of the County,” said Matthew Tate, Director of Business Development for Retail Strategies. “2020 has created such a great opportunity for rural parts of the country to step up and be noticed for the amenities that they have and can offer to a new age of remote workers. This year has also given a voice to more rural communities and the leadership team in Cuming County recognizes that now is the best opportunity to get in front of retailers and other businesses that historically might have discounted them.”

Through the new partnership, Retail Strategies will perform a real estate market analysis of the businesses located in Cuming County and identify areas of opportunity with expanding businesses. The Retail Strategies team will work hand in hand with city leaders to help them understand their market and highlight opportunities for infill. Additionally, the team at Retail Strategies will proactively reach out to potential businesses, property owners, brokers, and developers on behalf of Cuming County, Nebraska.

About Cuming County Economic Development, Nebraska

Cuming County is home to West Point, Beemer, Wisner, and Bancroft, Nebraska. The Cuming County Economic Development office works within all of these municipalities to create opportunities that will enhance Cuming County as a whole. CCED focuses their efforts on business retention, expansion, people recruitment, business recruitment, community betterment, and housing. The group works as an advocate to provide resources and assistance to Cuming County.

About Retail Strategies

Retail Strategies is the national expert in recruiting businesses and strategically developing communities. Our mission is to provide the real estate expertise, tools, and human effort that position deserving towns as alluring locations for national businesses and destinations for tourism and quality of life amenities. With confidence, we pursue this mission by delivering unparalleled customer service as a unified team with unmatched real estate and community development expertise. Our activities pay a return in sales taxes, added jobs, and businesses that enhance and add to the unique qualities of your community.

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