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Youngstown, Ohio Selects Retail Strategies to Assist in Business Recruitment and Retention


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Retail Strategies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 8, 2020) – Retail Strategies, the leading national retail recruitment and community development firm, has partnered with Youngstown, Ohio to help expand the city’s business recruitment and retention programs. The community will receive ongoing retail expansion technical assistance and small business support from Downtown Strategies, a division of Retail Strategies. Retail Strategies will work to advance the city’s job retention and recruitment.

“The city of Youngstown has made continuous strides in advancing our city. This latest partnership with Retail Strategies adds to our city’s objective of focusing on retail progression in our market. In addition, Youngstown is proud to provide support to our local business owners through small business training and job retention programming with Downtown Strategies. Their team has access to key tools that will promote Youngstown and opportunities within our market.”

Mayor Jamael Tito Brown

“Small business support and retention is a vital need for cities in the current climate,” said Jenn Gregory, president of Downtown Strategies. “Youngstown is taking the proactive approach in providing aid to their community by giving them the knowledge and tools to continue to succeed. We will be delivering the city key analytics and practices to set the city’s small businesses up for further progression.”

Downtown Strategies will perform merchant training for local retail and restaurant owners. This will include two virtual kick-off merchant trainings as well as two separate 60-minute seminar and dialogue sessions to give an overview of provided deliverables that are geared towards small business marketing strategies and holiday season preparation. Additionally, Downtown Strategies will host office hours devoted to private consulting on market challenges with businesses in need of technical assistance. 

“Retail Strategies sees significant value in the city of Youngstown,” said Dennis Maher, business developer at Retail Strategies. “Youngstown provides a comfortable environment for businesses and retailers to enter into and expand. Our team is excited to combine our resources with the city’s knowledge of their community to continue advancing Youngstown. The city leadership has been working hard to ensure Youngstown continues to grow and adapt in the current climate. We look forward to furthering our relationship.”

Retail Strategies will provide a market and real estate analysis for Youngstown and will identify areas of opportunity for business recruitment and expansion. The team will then conduct a seminar providing key property owners the tools they can use for business recruitment. Retail Strategies will also offer marketing materials for ideal sites in Youngstown to attract new businesses. Additionally, Retail Strategies will perform ongoing support-based business retention and recruitment office hours to privately consult and coach businesses based on customized needs.

About Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown, Ohio serves as the county seat in Mahoning County.  The city ranks as the ninth-largest city in the state of Ohio. Youngstown provides an array of different entertainment opportunities with its art museums and theaters. The city has the amenities of a bigger city, but also provides outdoor recreation opportunities including kayaking, camping, golfing, swimming, and more. Downtown Youngstown continues to evolve and advance with the addition of more restaurants and nightlife. Visit Youngstown today!

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