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Identifying Retail Ready Real Estate in your Downtown

Downtown real estate comes with so many variables.

It can be a challenge for community leaders to understand what the biggest opportunities are for their city. Whether you have a completely vacant Main Street, have recently had positive momentum downtown, or are fearful that long-time businesses may shutter in the coming months, our approach is to provide guidance to create and implement a sensible plan for your downtown.

Here our director of real estate, Elliott Cook, provides answers to some frequently asked questions he hears from community leaders that are focused on maximizing real estate assets in their downtown.

Following are the topics considered for communities.  

  • Priorities after the Masterplan
  • Low Hanging Fruit
  • Changing Public Perception
  • Capitalize on Wins
  • Revitalization
  • Retail or Office Space?


Identifying Retail Ready Real Estate

in your Downtown

Frequently Asked Questions to guide your community efforts

For more on how we can work with your downtown to help you implement practical and sustainable best practices, please reach out!

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