ARPA Funding

Investments that Pay Real Dividends

Investments that Pay Real Dividends

Spending your American Rescue Plan Funds

Now that Treasury has issued the final rule for the American Rescue Plan Funds, communities can begin to feel more comfortable issuing those dollars. Jenn Gregory serves as the governmental affairs expert for Retail Strategies and she created an overview of the Final Rule and allowable expenditures that relate to economic development.

Follow the link to find the ARPA Final Rule Overview: Economic Development Update on our site here.

Since the announcement of the funding back in 2020, our stance has been to use these dollars as an investment back into your community that will pay dividends to the city budget for decades to come. This is the first time in the history of our country that every locality has received federal funding of this magnitude, so we implore our community partners to view this as an investment back into the local economy.

Don’t take it from us though.

clarence anthony

Clarence Anthony, CEO and Executive Director of the National League of Cities advised cities during a Retail Strategies webinar to spend their ARP funds on programs and projects that will create an economic impact and offer an ROI. He suggests investment in human infrastructure with this bill and provides him measurable results he can use to advocate for direct funding to cities on future bills.  He wants to put people in front of projects.

As a company that works as an advisor to city leaders on economic and community development, we noticed an uptick in the issuing of these dollars for services that support small businesses, downtowns, and retail education and attraction in the last few months. Below is a list of cities that have invested in services with our company to the tune of $720,000 total:

If you have questions about the Final Rule, we are hosting a webinar on February 9 to talk about economic development and answer questions from city leaders and staff. If you’d like to speak with someone on our team about how other cities have chosen to spend money on advisory services with Retail Strategies, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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