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Augusta, Georgia Economic Development Authority Partners with Retail Strategies


CONTACT: Katelyn Little
Retail Strategies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (August 12, 2022) – The Augusta Economic Development Authority (AEDA) has selected Retail Strategies to develop and execute a retail recruitment strategy on behalf of the community. This partnership will be essential in strengthening community growth and economic development. The community will receive a tailored retail recruitment plan and proactive retail and broker outreach by the Retail Strategies team.

“Augusta has seen strong growth, and this partnership will help to advance the quality of life in our community,” said Timothy McFalls, retail-commercial business recruitment manager for Augusta EDA. “Community leaders are eager to begin the partnership and collaborate with the Retail Strategies team as they take a further look into our market. We selected Retail Strategies because of their reputation for supporting client communities with a wealth of knowledge about retail real estate.”

Mill Graves, Retail Strategies director of business development, said, “The Retail Strategies team is looking forward to getting to work in the market to help the community achieve their goals. This relationship will be a priority and the team are excited to implement a new retail attraction strategy.”

Through the new partnership, Retail Strategies will perform a real estate market analysis of the businesses located in Augusta and identify areas of opportunity for expanding businesses. The Retail Strategies team will work with AEDA to identify opportunities in the market. Additionally, the team at Retail Strategies will proactively reach out to potential businesses, property owners, brokers and developers on behalf of Augusta.

About Augusta Economic Development Authority

The Development Authority is the bonding agency for Revenue Bonds for financing industrial, hospitality, educational, medical, technology and other related investments in Augusta.

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About Retail Strategies

Retail Strategies is the national expert in recruiting businesses and strategically developing communities.  Our mission is to provide the real estate expertise, tools, and human effort that position deserving towns as alluring locations for national businesses and destinations for tourism and quality of life amenities. With confidence, we pursue this mission by delivering unparalleled customer service as a unified team with unmatched real estate and community development expertise. Our activities pay a return in sales taxes, added jobs, and businesses that enhance and add to the unique qualities of your community.

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