Phelps County Plans ‘Aggressive Pursuit’ of New and Expanded Businesses

Retail Strategies completes its discovery phase

December 4, 2019 [link]

Phelps County, Neb. – A nationwide data, marketing and recruitment firm completed the “Discovery Phase” of its work with Phelps County and compiled a detailed report that will guide Phelps County Development Corporation (PCDC) in its efforts to recruit new retailers.

Retail Strategies presented its first report to PCDC staff in mid-November. The report details the county’s demographics, current businesses, local real estate options and compares Phelps County’s retail offerings to similar-sized areas.

The report is a “starting point to begin a more robust and proactive marketing effort to retailers, brokers, developers and key industry contacts across the nation on behalf of the community.”

PCDC’s newly created Retail Recruitment Committee, headed up by local attorney Nate DeWald, will review the report in December and begin formulating an action plan.

Our goal is be ready to hit the ground running in January. We’re going to be aggressive in the pursuit of new and expanded businesses.”

ron tillery, executive director, pcdc

With the help of the Retail Strategies report, PCDC will refine recruitment targets and craft a marketing plan.

Based on consumer buying patterns both in and out of the county, the report showed opportunities for Phelps County in three areas: restaurants/food and beverage, apparel and general merchandise.

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