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SouthernCarolina Alliance Uses USDA Funds for Retail Academy


CONTACT: Caroline Hannum
Retail Strategies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (September 14, 2021) – Retail Strategies, the leading national retail recruitment firm, has partnered with SouthernCarolina Alliance (SCA) to offer Retail Academy to educate community leaders. The regional economic development group is offering the Retail Academy program through USDA funding to six communities in South Carolina including Allendale, Blackville, Denmark, Hampton County, Ridgeland, and Walterboro. The Retail Academy workshop will take place on December 2 at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Walterboro, South Carolina.

“There’s a lot of value in partnering with Retail Academy,” said Sandy Steele, SCA director of operations. “Offering this educational program allows SCA to service multiple communities in our territory that otherwise would not have the opportunity. We are excited to see the progress that is made through Retail Academy.”

“Offering this educational program allows SCA to service multiple communities in our territory that otherwise would not have the opportunity.”

Sandy Steele

“By participating in Retail Academy, SCA is setting up the partner communities to have a multitude of tools and connections when it comes to retail recruitment,” said Madeline Farr, director of Retail Academy. “Our team is excited to have these six communities participate in Retail Academy and receive their market analysis and key analytics that will drive business recruitment and retention.”

Retail Academy is designed to educate city leaders on retail and business recruitment, real estate, and small business support. As businesses and communities continue to reopen after COVID-19, Retail Academy provides local leaders the necessary tools to continue supporting retail and restaurant businesses.

“Retail Strategies applauds SCA for utilizing USDA funding for the Retail Academy program,” said Lacey Bacchus, business developer at Retail Strategies. “Retail Academy equips communities with the necessary instruments to develop and expand. USDA funding is designed for programs just like this.”

About SouthernCarolina Alliance

SCA is an economic development alliance in South Carolina that represents the most rural economic development region of the state. The organization assists existing industries with expansion and new industries with start-ups serving as a liaison to state government. SCA’s mission is through the ideals of cooperation and regionalism, to sustain and create jobs that will improve the quality of life in the seven counties in its region.

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About Retail Academy

Retail Academy is a program developed from the leading national retail advisory firm, Retail Strategies. The program assists communities in strengthening their retail landscape. Communities will be trained and equipped with the tools and education necessary to attract new retailers to their markets, while providing support to their existing local businesses.

About Retail Strategies

Retail Strategies is the national expert in recruiting businesses and strategically developing communities. Our mission is to provide the real estate expertise, tools, and human effort that position deserving towns as alluring locations for national businesses and destinations for tourism and quality of life amenities. With confidence, we pursue this mission by delivering unparalleled customer service as a unified team with unmatched real estate and community development expertise. Our activities pay a return in sales taxes, added jobs, and businesses that enhance and add to the unique qualities of your community.

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