Variety of Retailers Have Their Eye on Starkville, MS

Retail development firm: Variety of retailers have their eye on Starkville

by Tess Vrbin, Dispatch Staff, November 2, 2019 [link]

Starkville – A number of retail outlets and developers want to make use of vacant store spaces in Starkville, representatives from the retail development firm Retail Strategies told the board of aldermen at Friday’s work session.

Retailers are staking their claim on the College View mixed-use development on the northwest edge of Mississippi State University’s campus, Retail Strategies portfolio director William Turnley and retail development coordinator John Jackson told the board. Businesses are also “extremely interested” in an upcoming shopping center at the intersection of Highway 12 and Industrial Park Road, Turnley said.

It’s going to be a home run for the city. It’s going to generate a whole lot of tax revenue for you guys, so we’re excited about that and we hope things move forward the way they’re planning.”


Retail Strategies, which is based out of Birmingham, Alabama, has overseen Starkville’s retail recruitment since February 2016, and its contract includes providing regular updates to the aldermen.

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