Webinar - July 17

From Vacant Space to Vibrant Places: Attracting Retail for a Better Tomorrow

From Vacant Spaces to Vibrant Places

Attracting Retail for a Better Tomorrow

Join us for an interactive session on how a retail-focused economic development strategy can breathe life into rural areas and foster business growth while revitalizing existing physical assets.

In this engaging discussion, we’ll dive into the significance of nurturing both downtown and national retail corridors as catalysts for economic vitality and how 2024 economic factors are impacting retail in rural markets. Gain inspiration from real-world case studies of successful projects in Texas, illustrating the concrete advantages of prioritizing retail-driven growth.

1.    Understanding the Rural Retail Renaissance: Investigate the ever-evolving retail landscape and its pivotal role in shaping the economic vitality of communities, whether large or small.

2.    Maximizing Rural Spaces: Effective strategies for rejuvenating rural downtown areas, including methods to create catalyst projects based on existing physical assets.

3.    Capitalizing on National Retail Corridors: Learn the essential elements behind the development of thriving national retail corridors and their positive impact on bolstering the economic well-being of rural regions.

This session will provide attendees with valuable insights, practical tools, and a deeper understanding of why cities should embrace a retail-centric approach to economic development and is designed for economic development professionals and city staff.

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You can hear the webinar and download the slide deck here:

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Elliott Cook

Director of Real Estate

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